It may be time to restore your cylinder if you have any of these issues...  


If you notice you have a high rev when you start your engine, then you may have an air leak within your crank seals, giving that you have your carburetor adjusted correctly. Over time, as these girls age, the seals can become brittle and dry rotted, also the piston can cause the inside of the cylinder wall to wear down causing you to loose 1/1000th of an inch or more, therefore, causing an air leak meaning it may be time to have your cylinder restoredTo hone in on the exact culprit, try and preform a leak down test, to determine the exact cause of the air leak.


After checking your compression, either with a compression tester or just by knowing your bike, this could also mean that it is time to have your cylinder restored to provide you with the maximum power. This issue is typically caused due to many things such as worn out pistons or rings, wrong camshaft timing, worn out head, cracked or scuffed cylinder walls. When you open the cylinder and you find the walls are not smooth, this could be the cause for the loss of compression, therefore, potentially needing a cylinder restoration. Check out our services page to determine which service your motor needs.


You may be ready to upgrade your powersports performance with a big bore cylinder restoration... want to maximize the horses your girl can put out! Well perfect, a typical big bore cylinder restoration, replaces the stock piston and cylinder to a larger version, anywhere from ten to twenty percent. Basically, allowing extra displacement, an increase of combustion flow and added torque. 


If you want more horse power, you should consider the following as required adjustments to prevent loss of power, potential engine damage to combine with the big bore cylinder restoration.

  • crank modifications (larger piston on a stock crank, will cause the engine to quickly wear down due to the added stress)

  • jetting

  • EFI controllers

  • head modifications

  • larger carburetors

  • intake modifications

  • over sized valves

  • cam and timing modifications

  • ignition mapping

Also, a aftermarket exhaust will help your bike realize the potential power it will have after you have fine tuned your new restoration. Once you've made all these necessary changes to your bikes engine and you fire her up and take her for a spin, all the time it took to have this done - will put a smile on your face when you feel her response, the torque and the power!


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