Which is better... when it comes to pistons, gaskets, bearings, and seals... OEM VS Aftermarket?

After spending years replacing pistons, gaskets, seals and bushings, you learn to understand the difference of OEM VS aftermarket.  I'll admit that there are a lot of quality aftermarket products that I have came across over the years, some of which that you can hardly tell the difference.


So it's in the details right... that's with anything.. Let's get down and dirty.


Factory makes seals, gaskets, bushings, bearings and all other vital and crucial parts to spec for any particular ATC, quad, dirt bike... right everyone already knows that! Very intelligent individuals design the bike with precise engineering to create a well built machine with all parts simultaneously working together... that's obvious! If you are like I am, when you have a vintage bike, you will try to keep it mostly OEM - mostly for the value of the bike. However, if it is a machine you are utilizing on a regular basis, you may opt to achieve a higher performance... typically, you will not find that with an all OEM quad.


So what does this mean when it is the time that parts need replaced or rebuilt?


We all know that after every race or every 20 hours of riding, to keep your bike running optimal, you should complete a top end rebuild... which includes replacing gaskets, pistons, rings, bearing etc.


Now this brings me back to the original question... OEM VS Aftermarket?


When you have a vintage or new machine, and you want to keep it running at its very best, therefore, in most cases I would highly recommend replacing any and all parts with Genuine OEM. However... this depends on what you are looking for originality or performance....

If you are looking for originality, yes - aftermarket parts will work and typically they can be found at a reduced price, and sometimes they will be at or higher than OEM, you should always choose to go with quality over savings! Remember, the age old phrase, when purchasing parts not intended to raise the performance of your bike, "cheaper is not always better".


If you are looking for performance, and are wanting to bring your bike to the next level, then you will need to go with an aftermarket high performance part(s) to achieve this - there are many quality aftermarket parts out there... look at the MADE IN USA Wiseco pistons... I have used several of these pistons in my bikes and I am happy with the outcome.


As far as gaskets, bearings, bushings and seals... personally Genuine OEM parts should be the only way you go, if you use an aftermarket, you potentially run into an issue with leaks, and/ or a faster wear down of the particular part... which then leads to more repairs and therefore, more time and money spent on rebuilding the bike VS riding and building memories in the dirt.


Hey! at the end of the day it's your machine, you maintain, fix, rebuild how you want... and how you see fit as well as what your budget allows.




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